Are you a business owner that is overworked without a reliable team and stressed out? Then, OwnerBox is for YOU!!!

Let us be your co-pilots and get your revenues to soar!

What is the one thing that would break if your business was to double tomorrow? you guessed it!! It’s YOU.

Right now, you are successful and if you took on any more clients at the rate you are right now – it could all come crumbling down. Your reputation is on the line. One upset client could cascade.. That’s why you have to stay up to date on everything with all of your employees and clients to make sure all of the fires are put out…

But wouldn’t you like to be able to pack up your stuff from your office… finally about to go on that vacation you completely deserve.. and ask yourself the question… Should I take my laptop or leave it?

And every cell in your body shouts… LEAVE IT! Because finally. FINALLY. You can. Your employees’ got this! You’ve prepared them. Well, it wasn’t even YOU.

You were able to find the right people to train them on the right systems. And all you had to do was make the decisions on how you wanted your company to run.

You know, leaving on vacation, that the escalation process is in place. The team will be running like the well-oiled machine you knew they could be. AND! They have orders not to bug you on vacation – because they want you to come back refreshed and renewed too.

We give you 20-30 hours of your life back per week by giving you the tools, training, and systems that allow you to not only trust your growing staff to cultivate new clients and bring them success. You will also be able to cut 20-30 hours off of your work week. You will even be able to take Fridays off!


Ownerbox delivers you the dream you signed up for when you started your business.


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Step 1 – optimizing operations

We help you identify who on your team is the best “operator” who is responsible for the systems.

Step 2 – Activating Customized Systems

We help your team with the workflows, templates, and training for one system per month so you and your team have plenty of time. (and you don’t feel stress with “more to do!”)

Step 3 – trusting your team 

Then you as the business owner gets to let go of the tight reins you are holding onto and trust your team to run your business with your unique flavor that you added to the systems.

That’s it.
This is our unique combination… Our secret sauce. A unique combination of step-by-step proven roadmap.

We work with you, the “owner”, to make decisions and your “operator” (the person you put in charge of the systems to OWN them) to implement them.

We have collaborative with our clients that makes us co-pilots navigating your way to increase revenues and optimize systems, team, etc.

And you’ve got us, in the cockpit with you, as your trainer so you don’t get off course until you know how to fly this thing yourself.

And you have your co-pilot to rely on.

Why do you need a copilot? Because you can’t do it all yourself.
You are an owner, a visionary.
You were built for big-picture thinking.

You weren’t built for the nitty gritty day to day operations. So why are you trying to do pieces of that yourself?

Happy Clients – case study 

Went to Europe for 3 weeks with his whole family while his training business was on autopilot.       He’s grown to 7 figures in less than 4 years.

I was working 12-14 hours a day and the only person working on my business!

Jaime helped me put a really good infrastructure in place and I now have six people working full time and I’m only working 5 hours a day.

I’m now bringing in 25,000 euros every month without doing anything. The last launch we did was 180,000 euros.

First Real Vacation in 13 Years


Every client is hand selected and our services cater to a very select group of business owners, you must apply in order to be considered for our service.

Your application will be reviewed by our Operator, Leilani Bond, and she will get in touch.

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